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Live life without Cataracts

Cataracts in a perspective

  • A Normal Part of Aging

    Most people over 65 will
    develop cataracts.

  • You Have Options

    You have an important choice to make when it comes to the kind of vision you want after cataract surgery

  • Highly Successful Surgery

    Cataract surgery is one of the most successful surgical procedures of all time

  • What is Cataract

    Yellowing of the natural lens that may block you from seeing clearly

  • Treatment

    Removed with a safe, common outpatient surgery and replaced with a small, soft intraocular lens (IOL)

  • Age 60+

    Very common and usually become noticeable after age 60*

How cataract surgery works

Cataract Removal

Through a tiny incision, the surgeon removes your clouded lens.

Lens Insertion

The surgeon replaces your original lens with a new, artificial lens.

Vision Renewed

With a new lens, you can be free
from cataracts.

Monofocal IOL

Toric IOL

Presbyopia-Correcting / Multifocal IOL 

Which lens fits your daily needs?

Day Time

Night Time

Take the lifestyle quiz &
find the right lens for you

Answer this questionnaire to help you understand what’s most important
in your vision needs so you can discuss with your doctor.

Find a cataract surgeon
near you

Use our Cataract Surgeon Finder tool
to locate a surgeon near you who offers
a range of IOL options.

Download our
discussion guide

Lead the conversation
with your doctor to understand
the IOL choice that's right for you.